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We are delighted to be able to present to you our Imperium Tour website, where you can discover some of the most wonderful archaeological sites in Italy, like Ercolano archaeolgical site, la Veleia Romana, Villa Romana, Aquileia.. and lot of other amazing and famous places. Our country is a land with centuries of history, where archaeology, art and nature are some of its unique and most illustrious facets. Imagine, if you will, a mosaic of archaeological sites, temples, aqueducts and marble statues safeguarded within a beautiful yet wild environment, and made all the more magical by our natural parks, reserves and oases.

To really understand such a diverse and composite place, then why not hear the thoughts of those who belong to this land. We would like to extend an invitation to you to share in the discovery of our natural, artistic and cultural heritage, offering in turn our expertise and many years of experience. Your visit will be a truly fascinating journey, and the beauty of our landscape will really stimulate your curiosity.


Imperium Tour is for tourists wanting to experience the most beautiful wonders in the world as well as for operators working in the tourism industry; it is the connection between a quality product and the requirements of an increasingly discerning and demanding public. Visits to ancient monuments and the most beautiful archaeological sites arouse curiosity and fill even the most discerning and demanding travellers with emotions that go beyond the space itself.
Italy enjoys a vast and varied landscape shaped over the millennia by nature and mankind.

Get to know it with our virtual tours. Not only will you find out about our history and beautiful architecture, but together we’ll experience the emotions our ancestors wanted us to feel while discovering their work and culture.


Explore History: history is all around us, we walk on ground that is yet to reveal all its former glory

Find out about alternative tours: challenge the view that history is just a boring list of dates in a school textbook. History is stone, sound and colour, the spoken and the written word.

Support the “operators” of history: museums, associations, essayists, craftsmen, I set myself the goal of making them reach a wide an audience as possible.

Promote initiatives: there are many initiatives in need of publicity, but I’ve in mind many initiatives that nobody else wants to publicise.

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